Hunting Ground

Lights shine artfully from towers that stab the night sky. That’s the key. The fill light seeps from lamp-posts and taxis and pedestrian cars. The darkness becomes the subject that’s framed in heroic personification. Alley-bound prowlers become protagonists in the urban ballet of apathy and compassion. Smoke emits from gutters to languish. Ambition puts rootContinue reading “Hunting Ground”

is this really me?

I’m not used to muscles still the skinny lank-jobbed boy who was so awkward with people skirting age thirty now packing on pounds pounding the gym power lifts and power squats a beefcake ? apparently still and little meek a little boy at times not at home in one’s own skin feel like a poser,Continue reading “is this really me?”

temptation sucker-punch

it was easy before to ignore, to forget the shape was easy to neglect desire found purchase only in memory now that shape was changed and her figure is thin and hard my eyes now linger longer my thoughts draw deeper into new fantasies of lust covetous, predatory, empty of feeling exploding with passion joysContinue reading “temptation sucker-punch”