the rats and I

The rats become more than just pets alone but an analogy for the human experience, and I become nothing more than a caged animal continuing to bang my head against walls both real and immaterial as the very scent of far-off lands morphs into the most enticing thing in the world and a part ofContinue reading “the rats and I”

ponies and horses

oh but the ponies that prance light and glittering upon the fields so green that lay before the eyes and faces of the effervescent beauties of poise and stature may enjoy the spoils of said beauties’ brief attention but those mules who toil back in the dim stables away from high praise they shall reapContinue reading “ponies and horses”

unsafe working conditions

is this really it? you and me and my aunts and uncles and most kids I went to school with we all bought tickets to THIS fucking ride? the twists and turns it seems to offer are those it uses to squeeze your heart warp your brain and bend your spine at first it seemsContinue reading “unsafe working conditions”