dance for me again and we’ll call it square

looking at you now I wondered how I loved you then I remember how you beam how you care how you give how you love – when you want to when the wind blows under your wings you are a fluttering angel of creation who delights in flowers and balloons and would perish if foulContinue reading “dance for me again and we’ll call it square”

spitting in your perfect face

I have met perfect people like you all my life your ong, straight, golden strands framing a flawless porcelain face I’ve met you again, and again always ending the same you are too perfect and I’m far too bitter at you and your beauty and your boyfriend and your job and your car and yourContinue reading “spitting in your perfect face”

funky peaches

painted flesh tries covering all tainted brain of society’s gall ears listen not to what it preaches jaded girl of circumstances moment’s glory merely glances time will not repair those breaches dirty thought but clean intention wants to talk but will not mention what has got her mind in stitches satin lips so soft andContinue reading “funky peaches”