musings upon her funeral dress

These garments are like a tightly packed row of Hers dehydrated, deflated and hung up front to back. Each item was her in a mode, a mood, a moment in time each was chosen by her to reflect the parts of her personality most vibrant and attractive in times when she felt brave. They allContinue reading “musings upon her funeral dress”

desire for you is hunger unknown

your protest is so, so very delicious to me you make me salivate, pant, quiver, sweat and ache for your soft, wet warmth inviting me inside you are my goddess, my queen wolf I long, I desire to worship within you to swim in your turbulent ocean for as long as physically possible and beyondContinue reading “desire for you is hunger unknown”

facing the truth of my condition

got a bump from a stranger that’s why I feel the urge to expell my heart on paper tonight I’ll admit it yes, I did it he offered and I took powder – coke or E or some other letter of the alphabet I don’t know puffed on a cigar for an hour talked aboutContinue reading “facing the truth of my condition”