Being a Hobo in the Modern Age: reflections on past life and present technology.

The age of technology influences everything from the way we do our taxes to the way we buy our groceries. The world of social networking has drastically altered the manner in which we communicate to one another, individually or as a community, and even the formerly staunch rules of interpersonal relations. Blogs have evolved from simple message boards and public diaries to sources of legitimate news and information, and private citizens have hitherto been promoted to reporters without credentials or authors without contracts. We are as connected and capable of communicating with a twelve year old child in Ghana as we are a corporate director in Denver. We can even talk to celebrities. Continue reading


The Man From Dartmouth

On a sidewalk in downtown Victoria, I set my drum aside for a break.  I had been playing for hours.

I inspected my hat upturned on the concrete a few feet in front of me and saw it had been a good night.  Until I counted I couldn’t be sure but guessed that since beginning at ten o’clock, just as the sun was setting, I’d grossed around forty or fifty.  Not bad.  I leaned my back against the brick and cracked a fresh beer from my back pack. Continue reading