when she says she loves me

he says he loves her and I ask again about her website it’s just a way to make money, he says it’s nothing she’s smart – a business woman a genius her own boss he says they’re going to get married on a beach and run barefoot into the surf afterward she’s the only oneContinue reading “when she says she loves me”

how did you come up with that?

I don’t ask for these thoughts, these realizations, or as I call them, revelations. I’m like a philosopher a thinker a life-force drinker and life-line linker tinkering and toiling thru blood left boiling after tragedy, sad to see the world’s worse metaphors become reality. I’ll just be minding my own mind spending time bending linesContinue reading “how did you come up with that?”

music in the war

the Vietnam War has ruined so much good music for me CCR, The Doors – I cannot hear the songs without thinking of bombs dropping skanky Asian prostitutes and yokels abroad smoking cigarettes and talking about Charlie thankfully Zeppelin and Zappa they seemed to stay untainted un-coloured by the jaded brush-strokes held by history’s hand

attending the coffee shop gig

it’s hot with humanity and steamed milk the baby-faced soloist on stage has a voice that shakes fingers snap against guitar strings microphone turned up too loud I can’t enjoy myself here too much about this bothers me from the heat to the people and that bearded cretin behind the counter I’d rather be curledContinue reading “attending the coffee shop gig”

I like to think that I own this place

a song comes over the booming speakers it’s a tune that I recommended months ago to the general manager even though I come in only once in a while the patrons still listen to my music I practically own the place they should give me stock or at least a plaque to honour me maybeContinue reading “I like to think that I own this place”