Make Believe We’ve Solved Everything


maybe we can get together for coffee
I can throw up all over you
and the little china cups, and cream, and tablecloth

you can sit there covered in bile
and tell me a story about somebody
you used to know

you can feel like you’re helping
it’ll be good for you
I’ll feel better for a while, knowing I
helped you out a bit
but your look is still sad

you’ll get the check, and I won’t fight
we’ll hug, and say fantastic things


“Call me anytime”
“I’m always here for you”
“I wish you well”

and then
I can go back to eating poison

and longing
for someone to care



listen for it
now it comes
the sound of another voice’s mind
found inside my own head
realize it’s not from the heart
because it is not yours
waves disrupted by another centre
washing the shore of my self
eroding my sands to feelings
my mind is changed again
see my presence as a frequency
watch my every idea take shape
discover each one’s origins
capture the action of every thought
realize it’s not my own