Last Call’s Final, Parting Gut-punch

edvardmunch-jealousyi1896the mirror behind the bottles behind the bar
offer a view of your girl’s face as she endures your embrace
and keeps an eye on me, waiting for a time when he will die
of exhaustion, or shame, or by her hand
and we can be together

toss your hair, dance for me
care not for his suit, his hair
his car waiting in the parking lot

you prefer the chase
the danger
and strange, new pleasure

suit yourself for now, as you will
you will never know, nor will I
and together we shall be
unfamiliar, unaquainted, forever



As You Linger


remember me, won’t you
as early hours click by
and lingers
with fingers curled, you find yourself
garments forgotten with the light of day
a closed bedroom door becomes your watch-dog
no one’s allowed here
but me
you allow me in with suicidal touch
and flick
and tug