Of Turtles and Birds


They walked to the pond
and the sun was warm,
it encouraged them to sit on a bench
and they sat awhile and talked.

A turtle sat on a log that lay
like a waiting crocodile in the pond,
while herons tred in outward arcs
in search of primordial nourishment.

“True enlightenment,” he said, “is a turtle sitting on a log.”

“Yes,” she said, “but reality is birds pecking your face.”



learning, failing, writing, reading & doing

I learn through meditation
I learn through listening
I learn through doing things on my own

I fail when I rush
I fail when I speak
I fail through following others who are not me

I write about what I know
I write about who I am
I write what I believe everyone else should read

I read about what I don’t know
I read about who I am not
I read about what everyone else is reading

I do this because I have to
I do this because I want to
I do this because something told me so