Rebellion in a Knit Cap


Original artwork by Bernard S. Barnes



O tangled mess of hopes and fears abound
Inside these cardboard walls we all are trapped
And here, with blinded sight and deaf from sound
Within pathetic pantomimes en-wrapped
We wile away the tepid, sordid hours
Oases of ideal we try to find
But here, anon, we’re sucked of sacred powers
And left to drift, an empty, useless rind
Yet we stand for much greater means than these
Our fate is not to float away on air
O tangled mess – my people! – hear my pleasStand tall and show the world you’re worth their care
And maybe in the end we all may prove
Even us hopeless humans can improve

modern advertising in the head

we live in an age of constant bombardment
even when I take a piss there’s a sign on the urinal handle
whatever that means
before my face hangs a poster
I realize that now, as for decades
funk, art, rebellion and the fringe
has and always will piss in the flower pot
and so it should
so I celebrate this as I pick up a pint
that I found on the tank of a toilet stall
and drink it down
and cheers to you, fellow space travelers

what lies beneath the flower

breaking down reality
dragging out society
dreams of flower falacy
hoping for your dreams to be

waiting for the wall to crumble
pushing for a change to come
pulling us to follow forward
no recall of where we’re from

segregate the evil ones
separate from evil ways
operate within your shelter
oppose all the fools who stay

tug at heart-strings with conviction
hope the sheep will share your tears
change belief to parallel you
fight the cause to hide your fears

flowers bloom and see me as a snake
simple schism differing the path we take
we still love you, still love the way you kiss the sun
do not hate me, you are not the only one
who feels
who sees
who cares
I am not your enemy