giving up and buying in

fuck it, you know you probably don’t really have it in you you’re probably better off just buying that ticket to Dockers-ville get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes and paint yourself plaid get that beard or at least start putting money aside for one make that beige minivan your shining brass ring and doContinue reading “giving up and buying in”

facing the truth of my condition

got a bump from a stranger that’s why I feel the urge to expell my heart on paper tonight I’ll admit it yes, I did it he offered and I took powder – coke or E or some other letter of the alphabet I don’t know puffed on a cigar for an hour talked aboutContinue reading “facing the truth of my condition”

vip access

as I enter the party I am greeted with bright, neon black lights blonde and black-haired beauties both female and non-female a tray of hors d’euvres, on the house “Thank you” – delicious another tray, “Thank you again” a guy could get used to this photog wannabes snap shots of an Asian youth grinding aContinue reading “vip access”