Back on Earth

~Part Two~ You look up at the stars. You attempt to orient yourself by them, because you have that vague idea the stars are formed into figures called constellations, but you then realize you don’t know enough about these constellations to chart any kind of course. Then another thought comes, and you stop thinking ofContinue reading “Back on Earth”

Back on Earth

~Part One~ There is a bright light. Then, everything else, all at once. The stars and the trees, and the grass. You know it is night, and you are standing in the middle of a country field. You don’t know how you know this, but you do. You look down at your hands. You knowContinue reading “Back on Earth”

mind of an idle body in a landscape alive with motion

Alien and somewhat wrong it seems that such an activity, that is the creative expression from mind to hand and hand to pen and pen to ink and ink to paper and ink on paper to eye and back again to mind in endless cycle, should feel out of place in a setting such asContinue reading “mind of an idle body in a landscape alive with motion”

my brother the stone

The ocean waves, that is the rhythmic undulations emitted ceaselessly from the rich void out there and beneath us in the earth and the weather from above, gently yet unyielding, roll over the back of the large stone three-quarters submerged at the water’s edge in a distinctive V-pattern, and such a pattern takes lasting shapeContinue reading “my brother the stone”

how did you come up with that?

I don’t ask for these thoughts, these realizations, or as I call them, revelations. I’m like a philosopher a thinker a life-force drinker and life-line linker tinkering and toiling thru blood left boiling after tragedy, sad to see the world’s worse metaphors become reality. I’ll just be minding my own mind spending time bending linesContinue reading “how did you come up with that?”

the rats and I

The rats become more than just pets alone but an analogy for the human experience, and I become nothing more than a caged animal continuing to bang my head against walls both real and immaterial as the very scent of far-off lands morphs into the most enticing thing in the world and a part ofContinue reading “the rats and I”