It just didn’t make sense. Not yet at least. Questions buzzed his skull like hummingbirds on a vengeful tear, and he had not the answers with which to sate them. Perhaps if he drank enough, they would come. Perhaps if he sat at the bar long enough, the world would simply move on. Perhaps, heContinue reading “Hummingbirds”

Whose idea was this?

Who built this railroad? How did they come to lay down track ‘tween house and river in such fashion as would drive wedge separating me and my family from nature’s flux of fertile luxury from its eager and ever-so-forgiving embrace? What hand made thee? And what hand do we owe thanks for tearing it asunderContinue reading “Whose idea was this?”


what will be my epitaph where should we retire where will all my money go when I die off ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? do I really like my job is this car big enough would we happier if we had one more child ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? is this the career for me could I go back to school can thisContinue reading “questions”