Haiku #31

without wandering
selfless peril all must bear
stuck inside a trapfrost_know_your_product-blog


Every horror story has victims and monsters.

imagesSome great mind conceived, in times self-obsessed upon creative genius, the horrid comedy unfolding moment by moment around us.

262587959_1545173We all, from the chattering masses of giggling girls adorned with glittered cosmetics, cosmo-politan branded attire, handbags and clutches, and fingernails; to the brash and brazen boys with wooden smiles, and plastic, remote controlled personalities; we all bounce and bound off walls in attempt to wrap mind around the big picture, to little avail.

tumblr_nzqvezedse1uc0ww3o1_500We cannot see the forest entire in all the clutter, noise and business. The message is lost amidst the crossfire of orders given, driven, shouted and whispered, with varying degrees of urgency.

The point is not here, not present in this chaos. One might feel half-compelled to lament the loss of meaning in a fragrant, expensively eye-catching mushroom cloud that mars the landscape of a new enlightenment.aa94ab3409dafd673c59f2fd3a4f7012

Too busy comparing summer vacations in Vietnam, and winter trips to Vegas, cellular phones, and stylists, or expressing opinions on the artistic merit of the latest series finale – which was, of course, the most important piece of fiction ever captured on screen, and will no doubt live on for eternity.00fc70e2c76557bf6e420c965877b70d

We won’t bother shedding tears for this latest lame horse, saddled and whipped, and loosed from the gates of Hollywood to batter itself against track and fence to gain praise and favour.

We won’t waste worry or care for the car wreck, loud and destructive it may be, for we know that soon the cacophony will cease, the horse will die, the wreck will be cleared, and we can go about our lives until the next catastrophe goes to camera.

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as I enter the party I am greeted
with bright, neon black lights
blonde and black-haired beauties
both female and non-female

a tray of hors d’euvres, on the house
“Thank you” – delicious
another tray, “Thank you again”
a guy could get used to this

photog wannabes snap shots
of an Asian youth grinding a blonde surfer-type
a well-dressed chocolate man
offers a shot of almond-flavoured liqueur

by the end of the evening I am convinced
the events page on Facebook will reflect only
the director’s cut of reality
when a function such as this is thrown

such a sad party
full of sad, empty people
over-priced drinks and bad clothing
music as loud as it is intolerable

every picture is a portrait
an embodiment of all wrong
with the society of pop culture