London at 3 a.m.

the street is alive whether that life has a point to it or not whether that life is that that which gives back to the creator or that which sucks the absolute energy away from all around it has yet to be seen whether it’s that guy at the party who’s asking everyone for aContinue reading “London at 3 a.m.”

cake over christmas makes cake

2 Cups Bare Humanity 1 Tblsp Liver-Hungry War Lust 6 Dsh Childish Shit Joke Humour 19 Shakes “One’s Own Fist” family style seasoning 1 Pound Flesh Take all ingredients into the kitchen. Kill yourself. In your next life, make sure you ignore all recipes, dietary advice and television documentaries. Eat sugar from the bag withContinue reading “cake over christmas makes cake”

earl’s downtown staff affair

these polished perverts I feel cleaner simply being near them this fat-gutted suit across the bar has the piggish look of the type who habitually forces young women to perform fellatio on his petty member and these fit, well-groomed cronies who encircle him to laugh at his remarks appear as though they are willing toContinue reading “earl’s downtown staff affair”