Hammering the Bored

“I have problems,” he says “Oh yeah?” I say, “Tell me.” “My wife is driving me crazy,” he says “You should fuck her more,” I say “She doesn’t like to fuck,” he says “You should tell her to get a hobby,” I say “I also hate my job,” he says “You should quit and beContinue reading “Hammering the Bored”

mind of an idle body in a landscape alive with motion

Alien and somewhat wrong it seems that such an activity, that is the creative expression from mind to hand and hand to pen and pen to ink and ink to paper and ink on paper to eye and back again to mind in endless cycle, should feel out of place in a setting such asContinue reading “mind of an idle body in a landscape alive with motion”

excuse me, could you please not in the least?

The mind that for, I can only fathom a guess, over two decades has been for whatever ill-conceived reason protected from harm and damage inside a skull behind eyes atop a body whose digits drum incessantly in intrusively noisy percussive beats upon the hard and hollow table top, is a mind that seems to meContinue reading “excuse me, could you please not in the least?”