being counted and proud

so I’m a living mass relax I’ve just chosen my own rosery down with the ground without making sound delved into depths of a summer sunset knowing my own role runing my own show not at six o’clock when we get our old news and we tie our own shoes and we know it’s allContinue reading “being counted and proud”


what will be my epitaph where should we retire where will all my money go when I die off ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? do I really like my job is this car big enough would we happier if we had one more child ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? is this the career for me could I go back to school can thisContinue reading “questions”

travelling master

wisdom aged longer than time takes my youth beyond my place and wears on this restless mind to live for more and achieve less the quickening entropy of consciousness feeds the urge to find peace above and beyond this earthly trap which clings like a ghastly prison patience, the virtue persisting that holds the egoContinue reading “travelling master”