garden party by the sea

The vessel moored and bobbing in the bay
With oscillating motion ripples light
As fingers tickling nature t’wards delight
And boat entices ocean into play
While waves of forest veiled in misty grey
Do blanket slopes, en-masking mountain’s might
No coat of trees could hide from mortal sight
Those earthen mounds that eons took to lay
A vista richly dressed in summer’s kiss
A portrait painted with eternal hand
So roughly tarnished by our festive meat
And barbie smoke and alcoholic piss
A feast to help us celebrate the land
While stomping on the goddess as we eat


earl’s downtown staff affair

these polished perverts
I feel cleaner simply being near them

this fat-gutted suit across the bar
has the piggish look of the type
who habitually forces young women
to perform fellatio on his petty member
and these fit, well-groomed cronies
who encircle him to laugh at his remarks
appear as though they are willing
to follow in his cloven hoof-prints

if this flashy whore-party
is the most that these people live for
god bless them all and I wish them luck
because, god damn it
I will never be one of you
I hope

vip access

as I enter the party I am greeted
with bright, neon black lights
blonde and black-haired beauties
both female and non-female

a tray of hors d’euvres, on the house
“Thank you” – delicious
another tray, “Thank you again”
a guy could get used to this

photog wannabes snap shots
of an Asian youth grinding a blonde surfer-type
a well-dressed chocolate man
offers a shot of almond-flavoured liqueur

by the end of the evening I am convinced
the events page on Facebook will reflect only
the director’s cut of reality
when a function such as this is thrown

such a sad party
full of sad, empty people
over-priced drinks and bad clothing
music as loud as it is intolerable

every picture is a portrait
an embodiment of all wrong
with the society of pop culture