As You Linger


remember me, won’t you
as early hours click by
and lingers
with fingers curled, you find yourself
garments forgotten with the light of day
a closed bedroom door becomes your watch-dog
no one’s allowed here
but me
you allow me in with suicidal touch
and flick
and tug



in bed forever

laying together enwrapped, enfolded
entwined and engorged
birds and flowers privately mingle
outside, as spring grows fat
all I see is the ocean in your eyes
bits of dried make-up tickling your lip
outside these walls, the world goes on with business
stock markets, civil wars and school shootings
silent under sounds of you sighing my name
the faint moan you exhale as I touch you
apocalypse may be reigning down
engulfing the land in smoldering flame
or it could just be global warming
ignorant to all am I, and content
in these walls we are perfect
there is no world, no fire, birds, wars or time
only this, only us
electricity between naked skins
promises made in hushed tones to ears
tender exchanges of tongues and fingers
let this moment be eternity
let it last the rest of our lives