Who Couldn’t Love That Smile?

His cheekbones pronounced, his slight bristle of stubble, his brows immaculately-shaped, he positively glowed from the picture frame. He could have modeled. Perhaps not on the runway, for his demeanor was too humble, too approachable. He lacked the stark, cold angularity usually reserved for runway types – those exiguous flesh mannequins, paid to shut upContinue reading “Who Couldn’t Love That Smile?”

This Affair will be the Death of us All

The gracious palm extended by our host Makes light the anxious air inside the hall Regretfully he dare not leave his post Or else to chance abandon he the ball The streamers tickle tops of drinks in toast To health and happy tidings one and all Tonight we dance ’til give we up the ghostContinue reading “This Affair will be the Death of us All”


In moon-lit, sparkling snow which covers ground The tracks of snowshoes shuffling through the wood Canoe ashore by tighten’d tether bound In peaceful silence, night sleeps as it should With wisps of dream a-light in nestled minds The daylight’s fauna seek the sandman’s spell Nocturnal beasts, they brave the dark to find Escape from thatContinue reading “Five”

cake over christmas makes cake

2 Cups Bare Humanity 1 Tblsp Liver-Hungry War Lust 6 Dsh Childish Shit Joke Humour 19 Shakes “One’s Own Fist” family style seasoning 1 Pound Flesh Take all ingredients into the kitchen. Kill yourself. In your next life, make sure you ignore all recipes, dietary advice and television documentaries. Eat sugar from the bag withContinue reading “cake over christmas makes cake”

the city claims another

just watched a seagull walking limp, wounded in flight wandering in the street like a poor drunkard so transfixed was I by such a sad sight I didn’t see the taxi cab until it was upon him the bird spread its wings lamely hopping out of the way straight into the path of another cabContinue reading “the city claims another”