When death lurks on your morning stroll

baked by the fresh, morning sun
the streets reek of boredom, panic, and piss
decide to practice increased tactility

practice keeping my head from bowing to track my shoes
practice my breathing
practice regulating judgmental tendencies

achieve temporary reprieve
enjoy a brief taste of peace
until I remember that there is horror

horror and death, that floats above us all
ready to set upon us at will and whim
there is danger, and blindness, and strokes, and insanity, and…

and then, I remember women
I remember sex with a woman
feel myself growing lighter, in shade and weight

feel myself getting hard
and suddenly
I’m not thinking about dying, anymore




I see my self poured out into the ocean
my eyes cease to look
their purpose is to guide me forward
now I am statued to my being
no locomotion needed

I see my self poured across the waters
breath might leave with death
I’ll never leave where I’ve always been
realize that nothing’s forever

all the world is suffering
life is just a word for living
break off these petty needs

go forth to find and follow
your destiny will never change

I see my self poured across the stars
feel each pore become a point of light
this heat in my heart now warms the world
my fingers reach to every child’s eye

I see myself poured over land and sea
riding the winds I can see forever
caught under tow, water can’t suffocate
my skin becomes the soil

the brief times of illumination
come and go
your heart’s heavy head must hold up
these times of spontaneous clarity

existence seems so beautiful

I see my self poured over everything

for all time