i hear you, my dear

the loneliness, even in a crowd is written long-hand on your cheeks like a tearful love song “Take me away” say your lips “Lay with me in paradise” say your eyes “Come with me – fast – let’s not look back” say your fingers as they nervously are worn down by the erosion of yourContinue reading “i hear you, my dear”

the mirror behind the bottles

the mirror behind the bottles behind the bar, offer a view of your girl’s face as she endures your embrace and keeps an eye on me waiting for a time when he will die of exhaustion, or shame or by her hand and we can be together toss your hair, dance for me care notContinue reading “the mirror behind the bottles”


The boy picks flowers from the edges of the long country driveway that leads from the main road where he catches his bus every morning to the house where he was born. He brings the small bouquet to the vegetable garden next to the house where his mother is pulling up carrots and dropping themContinue reading “Flowers”