millennial mire

Lost as we found ourselves in that convoluted mire of misguided humanity which came to be recalled in the vernacular of modern history as The Millennial Generation, little presently could assuage the fervent rapaciousness of our artistic urges nor our belief that such urges would ultimately yield work both timeless and relevant.

generation lost

sons of fallen lands fathers wandered far from home drove us out to nowhere’s middle left us alone to carve our way children of a lost revolt fathers to a new hope past cannot leave us unless memory’s forgotten what if we make believe we have no past perhaps we can be the first peopleContinue reading “generation lost”

sorry for myself

today, I am invisible the space I occupy passed on sight a void of smokey vapours lost land of ghost and dream gleaming emptiness proves fraud shining beacon of love goes dark reflecting presence of outside faces self concern drains from me the song of a faceless man beat of a silent drum my re-occurringContinue reading “sorry for myself”

gene machines

foraging, we slave away collecting all our feeble burdens it’s a distraction occupy the mind, you make it simple to design the maze we run to find the prize to find our eyes lost within, we are machines just more gene machines kept inside, left without no satisfaction for the patient no more gifts fromContinue reading “gene machines”