Just a Bukowski Tonight

let’s cut through it I’m just a man, nothing more and the way you did your eyes tonight is sexy the shape of your face reminds me of a girl I used to know someone who used me not her fault, I deserved it she was sexy too so is your face I can’t tellContinue reading “Just a Bukowski Tonight”

this place needs a grump

haul yourself, sticky and unyielding, from the womb of sleep it’s barely midnight dreams were clingy and horrible babysitting grown people drowning in chaos need a drink throw on a wrap and walk to the taproom slide onto a leather perch at the end of the bar take in the people: four acting student typesContinue reading “this place needs a grump”

a little boy dreaming of the stars

before me I’ve laid a path behind I’ve told a story now is the waking moment of my condition I’m just a little boy dreaming of the stars before I know, I’m back beneath this enclosure bound by this triple-sided destiny my witness is the heart in my hand just dreaming of a longing forContinue reading “a little boy dreaming of the stars”