Do You Mind?

The mind that for I can only fathom a guess over two decades has been for whatever ill-conceived reason protected from harm and damage inside a skull, behind eyes, atop a body, whose digits drum incessantly in intrusively noisy percussion on the hard and hollow table-top, is a mind that seems to me allergic toContinue reading “Do You Mind?”

The Magician

The day started off normal enough, I muse to myself falling heavily into the chair pulled up to my kitchen table and gripping the cold bottle of lager freshly procured from my fridge. Thinking back on the events of the day, I find myself scarcely able to accept they actually occurred. Life sure can beContinue reading “The Magician”

cake over christmas makes cake

2 Cups Bare Humanity 1 Tblsp Liver-Hungry War Lust 6 Dsh Childish Shit Joke Humour 19 Shakes “One’s Own Fist” family style seasoning 1 Pound Flesh Take all ingredients into the kitchen. Kill yourself. In your next life, make sure you ignore all recipes, dietary advice and television documentaries. Eat sugar from the bag withContinue reading “cake over christmas makes cake”