faces, voices, touches, memories

sometimes I wonder what ever became of them the black girl that came from France who had the skinniest ankles I’d ever seen the brunette with the husky voice who fucked me in my van she had a tattoo on her back of a butterfly and she wrote me a poem the almost-virgin with theContinue reading “faces, voices, touches, memories”

angels of the night

oh, sweet angels of the night beautiful, floating goddesses granting my every wish my every aching desire she has seen me desperate drunk and dreary, brain dead and done she, the long limbed nymph with the greatest ass in existence and the other, the pint-sized pretty eye with her hair tied back as tight asContinue reading “angels of the night”

temptation sucker-punch

it was easy before to ignore, to forget the shape was easy to neglect desire found purchase only in memory now that shape was changed and her figure is thin and hard my eyes now linger longer my thoughts draw deeper into new fantasies of lust covetous, predatory, empty of feeling exploding with passion joysContinue reading “temptation sucker-punch”

desire for you is hunger unknown

your protest is so, so very delicious to me you make me salivate, pant, quiver, sweat and ache for your soft, wet warmth inviting me inside you are my goddess, my queen wolf I long, I desire to worship within you to swim in your turbulent ocean for as long as physically possible and beyondContinue reading “desire for you is hunger unknown”