This isn’t the end, because it isn’t better.


This isn’t the end, because it isn’t better. Continue reading


Considering a Perfect World

All right. You got me. I’m no political scientist. I’m not a law student, or some government employee.

I’m just another human being. A private citizen. As such, I have what you may call “common sense.” We all have this. We all use it. And sometimes, when you look at the world around you with your common sense spectacles on, there are lots of things that don’t seem to make sense.

That’s because a lot of the world we see every day (by that, I mean western, urban society – by the way, did I mention I live in Canada?) was not constructed and shaped with common sense alone in mind. It was also carved by greed, weathered by whimsy, and built on lies.

But what if we did use common sense to shape the society in which we are a part?perfect-world-paint

What amazing possibilities abound, in a world built on common sense?

I propose a thought experiment. Call it an exercise in imaginative reasoning. Let’s say that we could make any changes we wanted, to official policy, law & order, the media, the prison systems – ANYTHING. This is a perfect world. It lives in our minds, and nothing can ever corrupt it, if we don’t want it to. Continue reading