Back on Earth

~Part Three~ You hear a sound. It is small, far off. You listen. You know the difference between hearing and listening. The sound you hear is that of an automobile’s engine. Most likely a truck, for the distant drone is deep, low. A guttural growl, instead of a car’s comparatively angelic hum. You know cars,Continue reading “Back on Earth”

Back on Earth

~Part Two~ You look up at the stars. You attempt to orient yourself by them, because you have that vague idea the stars are formed into figures called constellations, but you then realize you don’t know enough about these constellations to chart any kind of course. Then another thought comes, and you stop thinking ofContinue reading “Back on Earth”

Back on Earth

~Part One~ There is a bright light. Then, everything else, all at once. The stars and the trees, and the grass. You know it is night, and you are standing in the middle of a country field. You don’t know how you know this, but you do. You look down at your hands. You knowContinue reading “Back on Earth”

excuse me, could you please not in the least?

The mind that for, I can only fathom a guess, over two decades has been for whatever ill-conceived reason protected from harm and damage inside a skull behind eyes atop a body whose digits drum incessantly in intrusively noisy percussive beats upon the hard and hollow table top, is a mind that seems to meContinue reading “excuse me, could you please not in the least?”

how did you come up with that?

I don’t ask for these thoughts, these realizations, or as I call them, revelations. I’m like a philosopher a thinker a life-force drinker and life-line linker tinkering and toiling thru blood left boiling after tragedy, sad to see the world’s worse metaphors become reality. I’ll just be minding my own mind spending time bending linesContinue reading “how did you come up with that?”