This Affair will be the Death of us All

The gracious palm extended by our host
Makes light the anxious air inside the hall
Regretfully he dare not leave his post
Or else to chance abandon he the ball

The streamers tickle tops of drinks in toast
To health and happy tidings one and all
Tonight we dance ’til give we up the ghost
And mark we morning by the rooster’s call

But lo, our gracious host is absent nigh
And slowly dies the music feeding dance
As dim the candle flames about us grow

We see the celebration is a lie
And curse the name of horrid happenstance
That takes us with the dying candle’s glow



Behold, the Illustrious Lady

The buxom beauty steps upon the scene
Applause erupts like frightened doves in plume
Beside her clings a mouse in gabardine
Who now becomes the envy of the room

O’er table-tops their twinkling fingers glide
As eager social climbers salivate
And though their desp’rate reaching is denied
They may yet gain some chance to elevate

This prissy mob, this empty, paltry game
Inspiring awe that’s tainted with disgust
These shallow proud believing not in shame
Nor any shining diamond turns to dust

The dream persists that someday seas will rise
And wash this gaudy vision from our eyes