another in a long line of failures

a man feels guilt for his rage and words which came as roars of infantile fury a man sees himself not a man and feels shame a boy he is now loose as dead leaves which the breeze plucks with lightest touch to cast adrift a boy hangs his head kicking the sand at hisContinue reading “another in a long line of failures”

pits in the path we walk with heart in hand

thought I could love her until she told me about Him thought my search was done but she tried to sell me Amway the end of the path was in sight she ruined it all by moving away it was all too good to be true until it wasn’t good, or true anymore I couldContinue reading “pits in the path we walk with heart in hand”

sorry for myself

today, I am invisible the space I occupy passed on sight a void of smokey vapours lost land of ghost and dream gleaming emptiness proves fraud shining beacon of love goes dark reflecting presence of outside faces self concern drains from me the song of a faceless man beat of a silent drum my re-occurringContinue reading “sorry for myself”