Make Believe We’ve Solved Everything


maybe we can get together for coffee
I can throw up all over you
and the little china cups, and cream, and tablecloth

you can sit there covered in bile
and tell me a story about somebody
you used to know

you can feel like you’re helping
it’ll be good for you
I’ll feel better for a while, knowing I
helped you out a bit
but your look is still sad

you’ll get the check, and I won’t fight
we’ll hug, and say fantastic things


“Call me anytime”
“I’m always here for you”
“I wish you well”

and then
I can go back to eating poison

and longing
for someone to care


another in a long line of failures

a man feels guilt
for his rage and words
which came as roars of infantile fury

a man sees himself not a man
and feels shame

a boy he is now
loose as dead leaves
which the breeze
plucks with lightest touch
to cast adrift

a boy hangs his head
kicking the sand at his toe
as though it will move the world
and undo the damage done

he looks to a girl
who is a woman
a goddess, queen and wolf-lord

she raged
of course, that’s what she does

a woman swells like a squall
to topple boats
and a boy became toppled so

he was not strong enough for her
he failed

pits in the path we walk with heart in hand

thought I could love her
until she told me about Him
thought my search was done
but she tried to sell me Amway
the end of the path was in sight
she ruined it all by moving away
it was all too good to be true
until it wasn’t good, or true
I could give her my time
but she wanted a child
she gave me a smile and her number
I gave her my name and a call
obviously not
what she wanted

if I wanted nothing at all
I’d be satisfied by now
if nothing was what I searched for
long ago I’d have found it

love poem

my love was trapped within a bottle ’til you poured it out
my love, it made me laugh and cry – made me scream and shout
my love was cramped and beaten down, my love was not at rest
now that it is free it makes my heart howl from my chest
my love, it’s timid and afraid – away from light, it shies
my love seems to resemble pairs of deep and pretty eyes
my love was like a stranger I did not recognize
now that I do know my love, I see through all disguise
my love was like a river which my heart it did up-sweep
I’ll have my love, my endless love, to have, to hold, to keep