another opening night, again

another opening night looms ahead right around the corner just a block away a sleep one massage of dreams before the lights and clapping (hopefully) before I put my routine on hold in order to become a spectacle for an hour, tomorrow I will once again dance and sing hit my marks (hopefully) will itContinue reading “another opening night, again”

this place needs a grump

haul yourself, sticky and unyielding, from the womb of sleep it’s barely midnight dreams were clingy and horrible babysitting grown people drowning in chaos need a drink throw on a wrap and walk to the taproom slide onto a leather perch at the end of the bar take in the people: four acting student typesContinue reading “this place needs a grump”

saturday morning swim class

the smell of the pool warm chlorine whirring of underwater jets feeling of cold, slick tile underfoot sounds echoing off high, hollow ceilings screeching of the lifeguards’ whistle memories come flooding back in waves of soft pool water that parking lot outside cold winter wind turning to fragrant humidity as you walk in hearing theContinue reading “saturday morning swim class”