A New World Will Rise

After the bombs, the riots, the protests, and all the rest of the excitement finally subside, all that will remain will be rats, roaches, and ruin.


That, and those winos on the corner.
Still trying to scrape together enough for a bottle
– even though the liquor stores’s gone.

When the shakes from detox subside and clarity returns, they’ll either die drinking gasoline, or they’ll form a new society.



if it’s not better, it’s not the end

This is not the end
because it’s not better.
Do not allow yourself to become gripped
by the cold hand of panic
we can assure you this
horror show
will not sustain.
No worries or fear
that this landslide of depravity and
pestering, supercilious silliness
will be the be all and end all
of all we know and are.
Have faith in a power
that’s merciful
with good taste
who will give this place
a thorough scrubbing
before the curtain falls.
There’s a lot of broken glass
and promises
a lot of empty, used toilet rolls,
toilet bowls and toilet humour
left lying in the ditches
and the rubbled buildings
they’re hanging from the trees
alongside the effigies
of the leaders we deemed dull.