Haiku #94

leaf sitting aloft
stray winds might steal it away
new, horrid freedom



walk on by

excuse me, mister, could you spare some time?
I’m saving up my pocket-thoughts to buy myself a rhyme
and if you want to wait around for a hour or maybe two
I just might have enough to buy a song to sing for you

so, walk on by, walk on by
catch a verse here on the fly
hear my song, then wonder why
you’re still walking by

excuse me, madame, I believe you dropped a tear
on the sidewalk, just a couple steps behind you, dear
if I were you and cared an inch, I’d double back real quick
because you do not want to make that poor old sidewalk sick

hey there, mr. Jones
how is that bed back at your home?
it must be as soft as soft can be
because you look like a big, old, mushy, marsh-mellow man to me

so, walk on by, walk on by
give me a look, then give me a sigh
do not want to stay, then I will tell you good-bye
and you just keep on walking by


cast off these saddle-bags holding me to my commitment
off go dependence, off with duty, and prior conceptions
take the responsibility I hold for the situation surrounding
and throw them to the wind behind me, watch them tumble in my wake
I’ll grab my pack, kick off my cares, walk barefoot toward destiny
sling my carriage over my arm and wander through the scenery
my shadow will become a line across the long and low horizon
and forever shall I travel alone