eye’s lies

in all these eyes in all the world
lies an ocean as deep as this heart
that ever-feeling, ever-changing tide
washes the shores of countless minds
in all these eyes lay different truths
and in each truth lay different lies
behind them all – behind each eye
the one God keeps the real inside
the magic, it seems, comes not in truth
but in the lies that each eye tells
the endless flights of fellow eyes
keeps us looking for God inside
and to these eyes I tell my lies
and try to hide the truth inside


broken mirror

shattered glass reflects the lies
scar-riddled flesh recalls the pain
eyes wide – sleepless night
dark flight of horsemen
disturbing the sky
cruel fate
disguising the truth
shadowy visage of past
no remorse, carnal sin
she waits for the angel of the night

the flies

too many flies in the apartment
swarming masses
red-bodied sugar-eaters

rising from perch to greet me in the morning
little wings and legs
tickling my face
as I pour my coffee

I hate them
the flies

they turn my home into an out-house, or some
filthy cellar rich with dripping ceiling and pools of sew
they make my lavish existence reek of squalor
turning my wealth to destitution

I lay in my bed as sun trickles in and track their path
across my blank white walls
they sit themselves on a picture of my mother
and make her seem sick

they cluster around the rim of my wine glass
and make me wish not to sip
how dare they
by what right

they deserve to live no more than a day
and I
deserve better than this