make me out to be
anything you like
something you desire
another you despise

make me out to be
someone you love
a man in your past
some figment in mist

make me out to be
some thing
some gross spector
a thing to be ignored

make me out to be
some one else
like him, like her, or her
some one else



you are sitting in a chair in a large white room
the chair is plush, deep, and covered with little red flowers
on a field of blue
the room is brightly lit – the light hurts your eyes
you are not alone
in the far left corner sits a man at a small typwriter
recording your every thought running through your head
the man is meak, skinny
has grey hair and a thick grey mustache
he looks at you
and you become very uncomfortable


go to the washroom
you’re in a movie:

walk into the lavatory like a midnight cowboy
a modern-day saloon jumping bandit
who hits every bar in town
before starting a fight with the sheriff

walk in like you own the fucking place

you’re still in a movie
see a camera pulling back in front of you
a nice, smooth, fluid motion

the audience will see a jump cut
to an exit from the washroom
they won’t see the piss you take

read the walls as you piss
voices of male idiocy documented
in pencil and pen

“any one want to buy ecstasy pills?
they go on sale April third”
check your watch on instinct