Back on Earth

~Part One~ There is a bright light. Then, everything else, all at once. The stars and the trees, and the grass. You know it is night, and you are standing in the middle of a country field. You don’t know how you know this, but you do. You look down at your hands. You knowContinue reading “Back on Earth”

mind of an idle body in a landscape alive with motion

Alien and somewhat wrong it seems that such an activity, that is the creative expression from mind to hand and hand to pen and pen to ink and ink to paper and ink on paper to eye and back again to mind in endless cycle, should feel out of place in a setting such asContinue reading “mind of an idle body in a landscape alive with motion”

facing the truth of my condition

got a bump from a stranger that’s why I feel the urge to expell my heart on paper tonight I’ll admit it yes, I did it he offered and I took powder – coke or E or some other letter of the alphabet I don’t know puffed on a cigar for an hour talked aboutContinue reading “facing the truth of my condition”