Of Turtles and Birds

They walked to the pond and the sun was warm, it encouraged them to sit on a bench and they sat awhile and talked. A turtle sat on a log that lay like a waiting crocodile in the pond, while herons tred in outward arcs in search of primordial nourishment. “True enlightenment,” he said, “isContinue reading “Of Turtles and Birds”

When death lurks on your morning stroll

baked by the fresh, morning sun the streets reek of boredom, panic, and piss decide to practice increased tactility practice keeping my head from bowing to track my shoes practice my breathing practice regulating judgmental tendencies achieve temporary reprieve enjoy a brief taste of peace until I remember that there is horror horror and death,Continue reading “When death lurks on your morning stroll”

travelling master

wisdom aged longer than time takes my youth beyond my place and wears on this restless mind to live for more and achieve less the quickening entropy of consciousness feeds the urge to find peace above and beyond this earthly trap which clings like a ghastly prison patience, the virtue persisting that holds the egoContinue reading “travelling master”

a little boy dreaming of the stars

before me I’ve laid a path behind I’ve told a story now is the waking moment of my condition I’m just a little boy dreaming of the stars before I know, I’m back beneath this enclosure bound by this triple-sided destiny my witness is the heart in my hand just dreaming of a longing forContinue reading “a little boy dreaming of the stars”