Just a Bukowski Tonight

let’s cut through it I’m just a man, nothing more and the way you did your eyes tonight is sexy the shape of your face reminds me of a girl I used to know someone who used me not her fault, I deserved it she was sexy too so is your face I can’t tellContinue reading “Just a Bukowski Tonight”

maybe I do have a problem

when you’re walking in the front door in daylight and the barmaid’s putting up the sign outside and you have to check your watch and ask for confirmation that the bar is in fact open and she congratulates you on being the first customer of the day when you sit at the empty bar andContinue reading “maybe I do have a problem”

the city claims another

just watched a seagull walking limp, wounded in flight wandering in the street like a poor drunkard so transfixed was I by such a sad sight I didn’t see the taxi cab until it was upon him the bird spread its wings lamely hopping out of the way straight into the path of another cabContinue reading “the city claims another”

here’s to the maiden

she’s sat here for a hundred years, at this bar before it was even built, she was here winking at Johns and Jims, asking their story since time began, she’s been here many men have known her love, and her fury have kicked her from the bed in the middle of the night cursing herContinue reading “here’s to the maiden”