arriving at the rainbow gathering

nearing the beach at Sombreo for the first time lit on magic mushrooms, the hour approaches dawn-break my Quebecois companion leads the way in the quiet twilight we stumble through the dark forest trail trees enormous like in fairy tales mystic purple fog drifting in from the ocean we near the tree-line sound of wavesContinue reading “arriving at the rainbow gathering”

bad medication

slipping, whipping, tripping, turning slowly souls begin their burning bitter cold and foggy winters all that’s left is ashy splinters try escaping from the hate still you fall into your fate stopping, popping, dropping, shooting positively absoluting acid drops and lemon pie stainless steel, unblinking eye wicked is this demon seed piss on death andContinue reading “bad medication”

mcvicar’s creek

McVicar’s Creek, it’s a magical place where drunken psychos will bite off your face where you get stoned, where you get high where you get drunk and let your brain fry McVicar’s Creek, what a wonderful spot where fanciful teens get fucked up on pot the river it flows, the trees they sing you try,Continue reading “mcvicar’s creek”