the red pony

what do you get from a broken window
what’s that sound outside the barn

when will paranoia kill me
what’s that land beyond the farm

are those mountains filled with wonder
will I find a treasure there

must my life begin and end here
why’s this burden mine to bear

who said I must never go there
who’s the judge of what I do

there is a way of cheating karma
think I’ll try and find it soon


ghost of a man

when my child is just a photo I can carry in my wallet
I’ll become just another father who couldn’t live at home
when my family’s just an album I keep upon my shelf
I’ll be just another cold son who left his nest behind


cast off these saddle-bags holding me to my commitment
off go dependence, off with duty, and prior conceptions
take the responsibility I hold for the situation surrounding
and throw them to the wind behind me, watch them tumble in my wake
I’ll grab my pack, kick off my cares, walk barefoot toward destiny
sling my carriage over my arm and wander through the scenery
my shadow will become a line across the long and low horizon
and forever shall I travel alone


in the middle of a sea of egos and completely selfless
each face mirroring my own, yet my own remains blank
a featureless human
a brand new form of life
my affection arrives without cause
my desire yielding no effect
yet touching all hearts at once
radiating my light in full
in the pitch of blackness
love without return or reward
thus becomes my beacon
bringing me absolute happiness
at home without soul is my destiny