this falling in love

too good to be true it’s finally happened my days of loneliness coming to an end signs point positive tell me to proceed every blink and flinch strengthens connection thoughts become expectation with it comes doubt silence my mind my falling begins the spiral leads to love real, now, I cannot stop this falling inContinue reading “this falling in love”

wishing for the one

find me someone with the light of an angel in her eye an undying love for life and an unspoken love for death let that someone laugh with the trees, grass and rivers and let her bare feet dance in happiness forever find me someone with a wisdom surpassing time a great expanse of feelingContinue reading “wishing for the one”

My Night With Just That Girl

Ally was a pretty girl with a sexy body. It was her legs and butt that really did it for me and for most other men. Her face was soft and her cheekbones were nicely sculpted its true but there was a rural look to her, something just off the farm riding in the backContinue reading “My Night With Just That Girl”