This Affair will be the Death of us All

The gracious palm extended by our host Makes light the anxious air inside the hall Regretfully he dare not leave his post Or else to chance abandon he the ball The streamers tickle tops of drinks in toast To health and happy tidings one and all Tonight we dance ’til give we up the ghostContinue reading “This Affair will be the Death of us All”

Back on Earth

~Part Five~ “Hello,” you say. A moment, then the man calls back. “Are you all right?” You think about the question.¬†Are you all right? Are you? The query confounds you. You look down at your hands, as thought they might be holding some answer. Before you can say anything in response, “Do you wanna lift?”Continue reading “Back on Earth”

Back on Earth

~Part Four~ You don’t move. The truck comes to a stop. The door opens, and a man gets out. You know it is a man. You know the difference between woman and man. The man is hidden in shadow and a hundred paces away from you, and you cannot see him very well. But, itContinue reading “Back on Earth”

bravery falls in the dead of night

When silent lay the caterwauls and wails and deathly faint drop foot-falls ‘cross the floor our hero dwells on all that quest entails and once again he contemplates the door. The lock secure, the wood and screws and nails, could they withstand a battle-axe, or more? Could they hold up when enemies assail? The thoughtsContinue reading “bravery falls in the dead of night”

another in a long line of failures

a man feels guilt for his rage and words which came as roars of infantile fury a man sees himself not a man and feels shame a boy he is now loose as dead leaves which the breeze plucks with lightest touch to cast adrift a boy hangs his head kicking the sand at hisContinue reading “another in a long line of failures”