music in the war

the Vietnam War has ruined so much good music for me CCR, The Doors – I cannot hear the songs without thinking of bombs dropping skanky Asian prostitutes and yokels abroad smoking cigarettes and talking about Charlie thankfully Zeppelin and Zappa they seemed to stay untainted un-coloured by the jaded brush-strokes held by history’s hand

modern advertising in the head

we live in an age of constant bombardment even when I take a piss there’s a sign on the urinal handle ANIMAL NATION whatever that means before my face hangs a poster THE ORCHID HIGHWAY PRESENTS DIRTY BLUE GROOVE I realize that now, as for decades funk, art, rebellion and the fringe has and alwaysContinue reading “modern advertising in the head”

sitting in the tears of dead and dying genius

feel so out of place in this bookstore I’m actually reading from a book the old woman beside me scans through an issue of Globe and Mail while Atwood and Keats weep behind us before us, three young young ladies flip through magazines and eat french fries and text and giggle I think about aContinue reading “sitting in the tears of dead and dying genius”

friendly neighbourhood bar

what happened to my friendly, neighbourhood bar? Every time I come in to wet my pipe I catch a load of spewing shit drama and here-say grievances of scorned employees I know I’m a good listener and all but can’t a guy just sit and have a sip anymore can’t these bitches just kill eachContinue reading “friendly neighbourhood bar”