The Artist’s Winter

urban-13-500x333dust covers every key on the piano
spiders have taken over the easel
no one creates here anymore

rain pattering window’s glass
even on a sunny day
the doors stay closed

no one comes to knock or call
newspapers stacked outside the door
recall how long it has been thus

a cat wanders this floor’s hallway
nobody seems to know where it lives
suspiscions grow it’s been locked out

everyone waits for a dull thud
then the smell in coming days
denoting the prescence of death

I myself, try to believe
the newspapers will disappear
the door will open

typewriter-with-cobwebsthe cat will come home
the cobwebs will be swept
the dust will lift

the rain will stop
the music will start
writer’s block will end

and beauty
will be created




writer’s block

this temporary blockage concerns me
disheartening non-creation
silly stagnant deluge brings me down
leaving me dryly unfufilled
how long can this last
when does it leave
what form can I look forward to
enormous question mark in my head
a huge blurred patch of dull grey

wishing for the one

find me someone with the light of an angel in her eye
an undying love for life and an unspoken love for death
let that someone laugh with the trees, grass and rivers
and let her bare feet dance in happiness forever
find me someone with a wisdom surpassing time
a great expanse of feeling and creativity and understanding
let her ride the waves of freedom and beauty
to join me in swimming in the emerald waters of love
find me someone who takes my mind away
and allows me to see with only my heart’s eyes
let her hold me in comfort and sanctuary for all time
and let her stay with me until we’ve found death