Imagining a Life with Her

She tells me she wants to be a baker, that it’s been her dream since she was young. I taste the cakes she’s prepared and I’ll admit – she is good. Her dream is to open a shop and delight the city’s sweet-seekers. I taste my new acquaintance’s sugary confection and imagine a life withContinue reading “Imagining a Life with Her”

Whose idea was this?

Who built this railroad? How did they come to lay down track ‘tween house and river in such fashion as would drive wedge separating me and my family from nature’s flux of fertile luxury from its eager and ever-so-forgiving embrace? What hand made thee? And what hand do we owe thanks for tearing it asunderContinue reading “Whose idea was this?”

the ghost of the artist

a ghost of the artist stands behind me his eyes running the course on my work a sigh of resignation escapes my throat this digression causes the ghost to start as an icy hand, pulsing with exuberance who in life created visions, splendor rests dead fingers upon my soft shoulder as gentle words whisper “Believe”Continue reading “the ghost of the artist”