the world I know

I have awoken to a world of shit

am I, myself, less than I believe myself to be
am I, simply left unkempt, a lowly and dumb beast
am I, left unchecked and unattached, another fuck
what am I

another great lover, left free to float and fornicate
and fritter away my adult life

or a body of cloth and soap to dress up
and wipe off and parade around

what about another worker to move and lift and drop
and pour and stack and stuff and pack and bind
and tie and build and wreck and obey

what am I to you

something more


gene machines

foraging, we slave away
collecting all our feeble burdens
it’s a distraction
occupy the mind, you
make it simple to design
the maze we run to find the prize
to find our eyes
lost within, we are machines
just more gene machines
kept inside, left without
no satisfaction for the patient
no more gifts from the other side
just what we see, what we be
just another gene machine