London at 3 a.m.

the street is alive whether that life has a point to it or not whether that life is that that which gives back to the creator or that which sucks the absolute energy away from all around it has yet to be seen whether it’s that guy at the party who’s asking everyone for aContinue reading “London at 3 a.m.”

trudging homeward

Saturday morning, five am four grown men on scooters patrol the street apparently for the forces of good while a college-quaffed, patched elbow rich boy drunk waves a fan of torn-off tree branch he inherited from his father it doesn’t matter if your shirt if collared and cost 100 pounds or if it is floatingContinue reading “trudging homeward”

the city claims another

just watched a seagull walking limp, wounded in flight wandering in the street like a poor drunkard so transfixed was I by such a sad sight I didn’t see the taxi cab until it was upon him the bird spread its wings lamely hopping out of the way straight into the path of another cabContinue reading “the city claims another”