pinches and kisses

papa wants a kiss
all papa wants
even when he pinches
even when he cares too much
when he makes a fool of himself
when he’s downright stupid
he can’t shut up
makes funny noises
pops his cheek
sings his little songs
and all pinches are forgotten
papa just wants a kiss
it’s all papa wants


the red pony

what do you get from a broken window
what’s that sound outside the barn

when will paranoia kill me
what’s that land beyond the farm

are those mountains filled with wonder
will I find a treasure there

must my life begin and end here
why’s this burden mine to bear

who said I must never go there
who’s the judge of what I do

there is a way of cheating karma
think I’ll try and find it soon

Have A Rainbow, Mister Wilson!

In a quaint and quiet town, possibly not unlike the one in which you and your friends live, there was a quaint and quiet suburban street, and on that street there were many houses that looked the same.

Although all the houses were similar, every family that dwelt inside each house was very different from each other. Continue reading