you crunch like a wishbone left out in the sun
you whine like a tire losing air
you curse like an angry child
who has lost his ball
and yet your words are
ten feet tall with fists of steel

The Story of the Wendigo

The boy’s father was a strong, hard but kind man named Joseph, who built the cabin over ten years ago with his father and brothers. The last shingle was nailed to the cabin’s roof shortly before the boy, whose name was Michael, was born, and Michael’s sister Amber was two years old. Joseph built the cabin for hunting, fishing, and trapping. It sat amongst the pines along the shore of the lake, a full three hours drive outside of town. In the summer, Joseph and his friends and later his wife and family would stay at the cabin for days at a time. Continue reading

saturday morning swim class

the smell of the pool
warm chlorine
whirring of underwater jets
feeling of cold, slick tile underfoot
sounds echoing off high, hollow ceilings
screeching of the lifeguards’ whistle

memories come flooding back
in waves of soft pool water
that parking lot outside
cold winter wind turning
to fragrant humidity as you walk in
hearing the slapping of bare feet and laughter
of fellow children from beyond the inner walls
that first dip
water wrapping you like a heavy, soft blanket
stinging your eyes
burning your throat
rawness searing your nose
when you breathe in at the wrong time

your hair wet and sticky
freezing in the cold
back to the car
for after-swim treats
McDonald’s cheeseburgers, fries
and root beer
then off to the video store
to rent a cartoon

nothing to look forward to from there
except the whole Saturday
those were the days
the happiest of my life

Violet’s Rainy Day

Violet was excited because today was Saturday.

Every Saturday, Violet went to visit her best friend Lilly, who lived nearby. To visit Lilly, Violet only had to walk through her back yard, cross a small stream, climb over a sandy bank, and walk across Lilly’s backyard to reach Lilly’s door.

But this Saturday, there was a problem. The sky was full of dark clouds. Rain was falling. The ground was wet. The grass was wet. The trees were wet. Continue reading