Holding for Background

The request for silence from on high
was no doubt heard
by each and every ear-adorning head
which bobbed in compliance,
yet was fast forgotten
by first one, then six, then fifteen,
until before long the cavernous corridor
was a-clamor with murmuring conversation.
You could see the swelling frustration
spread over the face of the talent
who chomped his gum with total commitment
peering down from his mark
and silently cursing the masses below
who chattered on
oblivious to his rancor.

Cinemavision mirror rig at the movie set. Native 3D




you were born over the top
your mommy birthed you
with feet high in the air
declaring, “Watch this!”
the audience cheered
as you vaulted out
through a flaming hoop
to land on stage
saying “Ta-daaaa!”
you wore a hat
before you wore a diaper
your first step
was a two step
you had your first regret
before your first tooth
your play pen was
a three ring circus
and you
were born
a star